Do I Really Need a Thermal Blanket for My Pellet Grill?

If you have purchased a pellet grill, you have most likely asked yourself if it is worth the extra investment for a thermal blanket, especially when you still need a regular cover, and you just purchased an expensive pellet grill. Here’s your short answer—yes. It will save you time and money and pay for itself!

How does a thermal blanket work?

A thermal blanket is essentially a cover for the grill that insulates the grill cavity while you are cooking. By holding in heat that would otherwise escape, the grill runs more efficiently saving you pellets, time, and money.

At about 60°F with no wind and no food on the grill, a Green Mountain Grill will burn through about 1.2 pounds of pellets per hour at 350°F. With a brisk Wisconsin wind, cold temperatures, and food on the grill you can burn through pellets at more than double that rate. You might even have some trouble getting up to your desired temperature. Now you are burning through pellets, waiting longer for your grill, and definitely struggling to control your temperature. Adding a thermal blanket may not be necessary in warm climates, but here in Wisconsin it is huge for minimizing these challenges.

Benefits of a thermal blanket.

·    Save up to 50% on pellets. While this number will be on the higher end during colder seasons, you will almost always see some sort of benefit. This is truly the biggest benefit and the area where you will save the most money.

·    Reach higher temperatures faster. During cooler seasons, your pellet grill may take a long time to get up to temperature or it may never reach your desired temperature. With a thermal blanket, you will decrease your startup time and have more success with the higher temps.

·    Regulate temperature. With less wind and heat escaping, your grill will be able to more efficiently regulate the temperature and lead to better results.

·    Grill year-round! Cold weather? No problem. PRO TIP: If it is REALLY cold, try tucking your grill somewhere out of the wind and make sure to wrap it up with a thermal blanket.

Even when it is not the dead of winter, a thermal blanket will save you money by increasing your grill’s pellet efficiency. With a thermal blanket, you will be grilling delicious food year-round without paying astronomical amounts for pellets. Happy grilling.