Gravel Chips 5/16″

$40.99 per cubic yard

Gravel chips are a smaller, crushed rock and this specific aggregate serves many purposes; from use in the production of asphalt, chip sealing of roads, and to freshen up the surface of a compacted dirt or gravel road for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Walking Paths – Screened chips can be used to create walking paths to provide a dry, somewhat raised path to keep you out of the mud or wet grass.​

Pipe Bedding – Screened chips can be used in pipe bedding to help encase the pipe safely when it is placed in the ground. The screen chips would be placed below and above the pipe so that it is self-impacting and prevents the pipe from being crushed by the weight that is placed above it.​

Road Surface Applications – Screened chips are an extremely useful product for pavement surface treatment. Screened chips can be combined with asphalt and spread over damaged roads for improvement and to help make for better driving conditions.​

Driveways – Screened chips are often selected for use in driveway construction as a less expensive alternative to concrete, with a more permanent feel than other materials.

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