Synthetic Turf Play Areas in Appleton, WI


Safety should always be the top priority when creating a space for kids to play. That is why the synthetic turf used by Vande Hey Company protects kids from falls up to 10 ft under the IPEMA standards and CSA fall attenuation. SYNLawn® remains intact through all seasons with heavy traffic or under heavy play equipment. Unlike other playground surfaces, synthetic turf does not absorb heat in the summer or become hard & brittle in the winter.  Synthetic turf remains looking fresh, lush, and enticing for kids.

SYNLawn® components include a Fall Pad® Underlayment System, Artificial Grass with EnviroLoc® & HeatBlock® Technologies, and Envirofill® Antimicrobial Infill.

Synthetic Turf Play Area Advantages:

  •         Non-abrasive, soft surface
  •         Lush, natural, and fresh cut appearance
  •         No harmful chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides
  •         Effortless cleaning
  •         Reliable performance over long periods of time

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