Gas and Charcoal Grills in Appleton, WI

Charcoal and Gas Grills for Sale in Appleton, WI

Big Green Egg Grills in Appleton, WI

Big Green Egg is one of today’s most popular grills. It was created with a charcoal grill in mind, but the actual fuel is a natural lumber coal that causes food to taste smoked rather than charbroiled. The Big Green Egg is made from porcelain, which will contain and hold the heat to create the perfect temperature for your next great meal.

Whether you grill, slow cook, bake, smoke or roast, you’ll find a little something for everyone with the Big Green Egg and all the “Eggcessories” that enhance your experience. From stuffed burgers and deep dish pizzas to pies and the perfect smothering of sauce, we offer it all. Treat your friends and family to a unique grilling experience with a Big Green Egg grill.

Green Mountain Grills in Appleton, WI

If you’re looking for the best grill that gives off an all-natural taste, Green Mountain is the way to go.

Using only wood pellets, the Green Mountain Grill releases natural flavors left in the wood and infuses your food with subtle notes of apple, hickory, oak, or mesquite flavor.

Green Mountain Grills are unique in their grilling approach. Pellets are fed into a firebox by an internal auger, where they are automatically ignited, and the smoke from the pellets is fed into the main grill dome by a combustion fan. The temperature is checked ten times every second to ensure the temperature remains at the level you set. This information is fed to the on-board computer, which will adjust fan speed and pellet distribution to maintain your perfect temperature. Since the fan pushes the smoke from the pellets into the grill dome, your food is never exposed to a direct flame, thus creating an outdoor convection oven. This means it’s a great way to make meats, poultry and fish as well as pizzas, casseroles, breads, and even chocolate chip cookies!

Green Mountain Grills come in tailgating sizes, too. Simply plug it in with an AC adapter, and you’ll be ready to get those burgers and brats sizzling!

Maybe you’re a grilling techie, and if so, we have the perfect grill for you. Green Mountain Grills make a model with built-in Wi-Fi so you can control your grill from the comfort of your home on a smartphone or tablet. With this feature, you can create and control your own grilling programs to make sure your food tastes great every time.

Gas Grills in Appleton, WI

Creating an outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be a dream. Whether you are a recreational griller or a top chef, Vande Hey Company has a gas grill to make your dream a reality.

Create a built-in grill space with a bar, dry storage, refrigerator, and prep area, or choose from any of our well-designed freestanding grills. We can design a custom grill surround to house your grill when you’re not using it or incorporate a built-in grill into a countertop or bar area to create a full outdoor kitchen.

You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your grill is made from stainless steel and comes standard with a double-walled, heli-arc, seamless, welded hood to ensure no smoke or flavor can escape. Add to that options like interior grill lighting, a smoker box, infrared burners, warming racks, heat control grids, and temperature gauges, and your gas grill from Vande Hey Company will have you feeling like a gourmet grill master in no time.

Stop in today and look at the different sizes and accessories Vande Hey Company offers!