Charcoal and Pellet Grills in Appleton, WI


Whether you are a recreational griller or a top chef, Vande Hey Company has a grill to make your dream a reality. With built-in and freestanding grills, plus custom outdoor kitchen designs, we can create a grill space that you can take pride in.

Stop in today to see the different sizes and accessories Vande Hey Company offers. Our knowledgeable team is passionate about grilling and will be excited to show you the array of possibilities! 

Big Green Egg Grills in Appleton, WI

One of today’s most popular grills, the Big Green Egg’s ceramic construction combined with natural lumber coal fuel provides unmatched versatility. Whether you are grilling, slow cooking, baking, smoking, or roasting, this kamado style charcoal grill will retain heat and moisture unlike anything else. Enhance your experience with numerous “Eggcessories” and you will be able to treat your family and friends to a whole new world of grilling experiences.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Big Green Egg.

Green Mountain Grills in Appleton, WI

Using natural flavored wood pellets, Green Mountain Grills will infuse your food with subtle notes of apple, hickory, oak, and mesquite flavors. Fed by an internal auger where the pellets are automatically ignited, the smoke is then fed into the grill by a combustion fan, thus creating an outdoor convection oven. Automatically checking the temperature ten times every second, and reporting to you digitally, this grill locks in at the perfect temperature and provides unrivaled ease of use. Coming in models with built-in Wi-Fi, tailgate sizes, and a variety of other features, grilling has never been this easy and flavorful. CLICK HERE to learn more about Green Mountain Grills.

Grilling Guys Classes

If you’re new to our Grilling Guys events, you’re in for a treat! Each month, Phil and Andy (our official Grilling Guys) prepare a delicious menu of grilled fare for our guests, explaining grilling methods and recipe details as they go. Its a casual evening of fun, laughter, delicious food, and craft cocktails! Whether you’re interested in learning more about grilling, or just looking for a unique date night, our Grilling Guys events are a great fit for everyone!  CLICK HERE to see our schedule of upcoming classes.

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