Mulch and Stone in Appleton, WI

Mulch, Bark, Stone, Topsoil, and Compost in Appleton, WI

Protect your plants and add to your curb appeal with bark or stone mulch from Vande Hey Company.

Mulch serves many different purposes, from holding moisture in the soil and maintaining a consistent ground temperature to giving plants a higher survival rate and adding visual interest to your landscape.

Bark mulch from Vande Hey Company exceeds industry standards in quality and longevity of color. Our dyeing process ensures the color is locked in and doesn’t bleed once it’s been installed. Because bark mulch is a natural material, it will decompose, leaving behind a nutrient-rich compost that aids in the growth of your plants. With this decomposition, there is a need to top dress your beds every two to three years to replenish the protection and beneficial properties of the mulch.

Stone mulch requires much less maintenance than bark mulch and needs to be replenished about every fifteen to twenty years. It comes in many colors and textures which creates distinct, aesthetically-pleasing accents to your home’s exterior and décor.

With so many different varieties and colors of mulch to choose from, making a choice may seem like a daunting task. Stop in to the Outdoor Living Center at Vande Hey Company to learn which type will be best for your landscape, or give us a call at 920.788.6344.

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