Annual Plants and Flower Bulbs in Appleton, WI

Annual Plants and Flower Bulbs in Appleton, WI

Add instant color to your home or office landscape throughout different seasons by incorporating annuals – plants or flowers that only live for one season – into your design plan. The Outdoor Living Center at Vande Hey Company has a wide variety of flowers that will keep your gardens looking bright and showy throughout our warmer months.

Whether they’re planted in a bed or combined into a hanging basket or planter, annuals provide long-lasting color because of their substantial bloom time. And if you need a space filled in quickly, annuals do the trick thanks to their rapid growth rate. Because an annual’s average lifespan is only one to two years, you have the option to change up your landscape from year to year. Play around to find the right color, texture, and feel for your landscape.

Annuals typically come in two varieties: bulbs and flats. Spring-blooming bulbs are usually planted in the fall because they need a hard frost to break the dormant state they’re in when purchased. Once the ground begins to thaw, the bulbs “wake up” and start sending forth roots and stems that eventually poke through the soil to become your beautiful flowers.

Summer-blooming bulbs require warm soil and summer sun to thrive, so it is best to plant these in late spring or start them indoors during winter. Fall-blooming bulbs are ready to be planted in late summer; their bulbs are already awake and ready to send out shoots and vibrant colors.

Annuals also come in flats. Because annuals like petunias, zinnias, and impatiens are already grown when you purchase them, you’ll have a feel for what your area will look like before it’s planted.

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