Did you know that including living plants in your home’s decor improves your air quality, minimizes headaches, reduces fatigue and eases dry skin during the winter months? Additionally, houseplants can improve your mood, relieve stress and anxiety, and provide a calming effect through tangible interaction. All of these benefits come down to one simple concept: biophilia. Simply put, plants make us feel good! When we are out in nature, surrounded by plant life, or just in a room with living plant material, we are happier, more content, and relaxed. All the reason to introduce a bit of fresh greenery to your home! Houseplants are becoming increasingly popular and there are more varieties available than ever before. Click here to check out our article “Houseplants: Brighten Your Home, and Your Mood” to learn more about biophilia and our favorite houseplants!

We have a wide selection of houseplants available in our garden center, and are able to custom order select varieties.  Stop on in to select your new houseplant, pair it up with one of our unique planters, and let our team re-pot it for you, free of charge!  Give our knowledgeable team a call to learn more at 920.788.6344.

You can also shop virtually from the comfort of your home with our virtual concierge who can show you products, answer questions, and take you around our showroom and nursery. CLICK HERE for more information on our Virtual Concierge.


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