Top 7 Signature Fall Container Plants

Dreaming about fall colors, cool autumn temperatures, and pumpkin-flavored everything? As we near our colorful fall season and the temperature begins to drop at night, now is the time to start thinking about your fall containers! Keep an eye out for plants with a disposition toward fall blooming and a tolerance for cooler temperatures so you can dress up your front door or back patio with beautiful color and excitement that lasts! Here are our Top 7 Signature Fall Container Plants! These plants are “signature” fall plants certain to bring color, texture, and beauty to your fall containers.

  1. Ornamental Kale and Cabbage. There are numerous varieties of kale and cabbage with various shades of green, pink, and purple. They are very cold weather tolerant, and the color will become even more prominent as the temperature continues to fall. While kale has a spikier texture and cabbage is rounder, both will bring delightful color and texture to your fall planters

2) Mums. Available in a variety of your classic fall colors including red, yellow, and orange, mums are a fall staple. Typically controlled by growers to encourage fall blooming, these dense plants display beautiful round blooms that are rich in color. While it can be overwintered as a perennial it functions primarily as an annual.

3) Coral Bells. A very hardy perennial plant, coral bells come in a large range of colors and leaf textures. While they can be beautiful on their own, they look gorgeous in the fall when paired with gourds, mums, and ornamental grasses. Be creative with how you organize your planter and the other fall decorations around it!

4) Hen and Chick Succulents. These hardy succulents provide unique texture paired with numerous colors both sharp and muted. They add extra interest to containers with their unique shape and color. The little “chicks” can easily be propagated to be planted in new containers and even in the ground. Leave them outside or bring them in… these plants are tough!

5) Mirror Plants. Known for their glossy leaves, these fall beauties bring stunning shades of pink, gold and burgundy. They are also very frost hardy, making them the perfect addition to your fall container.

6) Creeping Wire Vine. This dark stemmed annual with small green leaves makes a great spiller in your container or creeping ground cover. Pair it with some of the other fall plants in this list and watch it cascade over the side of your container, creating an arrangement full of texture and variety.

7) Ornamental Grasses. Grasses are a great way to add some extra height to your fall planters. They make a great “thriller” that can grab attention while bringing some color, texture and beautiful movement.

Don’t forget about the pumpkins, gourds, hay bales, and corn! Pair your new containers with other signature fall decorations to create a hearty fall feeling that makes us all dream of grandma’s fresh baked pumpkin pies. Have fun, try something different, and do not be afraid to ask for help! We would love to help you design your fall container! Stop by today for gorgeous fall plants and expert advice!