Vande Hey Company Process

Vande Hey Company Process in Appleton, WI

One of our cultural fundamentals at the Vande Hey Company is “Think with the End in Mind”, and we apply it to our professional and thorough design process to create a unique outdoor living space you will love for countless seasons to come.  Whether you’re planning ahead for a project in the coming year, taking the first step in designing the back yard of your dreams, or simply seeking out advice for your landscaping, our team will always approach your project with the utmost attention to detail, quality, and longevity.

When you’re thinking about starting the landscape design process with Vande Hey Company, make sure to consider the time of year you’d like your project to be installed. If you are planning a fall installation, start the process in the spring; if you are planning a spring installation, contact us in the fall. The winter months are also a great time to begin the planning and design process with us and set yourself and your project up for success.

After contacting us, a Vande Hey Company consultant will meet with you at the property to discuss your vision.  There is no fee associated with this initial consultation and information-gathering phase; it is for you to learn more about us, and for us to learn more about your personal landscaping needs.

During the initial consultation and design phase, it is crucial to discuss your landscape preferences, likes/dislikes, and any other ideas that will help us best create a design to meet your needs, from preferred plant material to dream outdoor living features. We will develop a plan and proposal to fit your budget, and if you aren’t able to complete the entire project right away, we can develop a phases plan for installation.

To begin the design process, a member of Vande Hey Company’s design team will visit your property to measure the site. This includes detailing exact property lines, shooting grades and taking elevations, and documenting your existing plant inventory. You do not need to be present for this part of the process, and we will only use tape measures and surveying tools on your property. 

Our team typically takes two to three weeks to complete a design that represents your vision, meets your needs, and fits your budget. Once the design is complete, we will invite you to our Garden Center and Outdoor Living Showroom to present and discuss the design, proposal, material options, and budget.  We can explore and make revisions as needed at this time. Our goal is to help you visualize the final space by presenting plant, hardscape, and material options. Because all of our designs are custom to your location, and assembled by some of the industry’s best designers and architects, a down payment is necessary before we can put your project on our production schedule, order materials, and set the wheels in motion. We can also work with you on your own DIY landscaping goals and projects, by making customized site-specific recommendations, via DIY design development and material procurement and delivery, as well as installation advice.

Once we have collaboratively finalized the design, our dedicated production team will work to source, schedule, and install your project. Seeing the project from design to completion is an amazing journey to be a part of, and our specialists are always excited to watch your dreams turn into reality.  By beginning with the end in mind, from design to installation, we work to ensure your vision comes to life. 

When your process is complete, we will keep your plan on file if you decide to continue to add features and enhancements down the road. We can access your plan and expand or complete additional phases of the design at any point in time.