Sports Fields and Specialty Athletic Surfaces in Wisconsin

At Vande Hey Company we understand that outdoor athletic fields and training centers need to withstand use time and time again, which is why our SYNLawn® artificial grass solutions reduce both dependence on the weather conditions and the time and cost of regular maintenance.

Whether it is outdoor or indoor, we are here to design a custom training facility or stadium to best suit your needs. Whether your use is residential, municipal, school, or commercial, we have an innovative solution designed to withstand rigorous workouts as well as help prevent common athletic injuries.

In addition to training surfaces and fields, we also carry athletic surfaces on which to play bocce ball, lawn bowling, octoball, croquet and more!

Benefits of SYNLawn® artificial turf:

  • Ideal for agility training and speed drills.
  • Engineered to absorb impact and prevent common athletic injuries such as shin splints.
  • SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™ are made with blended polyethylene and nylon with NO INFILL which creates a surface that is less abrasive and causes less friction. This allows sleds and weight training objects to slide effortlessly.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect dramatically reducing the risk of staph infections and mold growth.
  • Mimics the feel of grass while providing additional shock absorbency and decreasing muscle fatigue.
  • Lush fresh-cut experience with virtually almost no maintenance.

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