Softscapes, Trees, and Plants in Appleton, Wisconsin

Landscaping Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Flowers in Appleton, WI

Whether you’re looking to start new or replace existing softscapes, Vande Hey Company’s team of designers and horticulturists are experts in live elements like plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers that can make up your beautiful landscape.

We use our extensive knowledge to determine which plants will thrive in your landscape, and we’ll find the most flattering combinations of colors and sizes. We also take into account the impact each plant will have once it reaches its mature size. In essence, we look at the whole picture to create a beautiful backdrop for your outdoor landscape.

Once you visit Vande Hey, you’ll see our quality plant materials and expert knowledge at work, and the choice will be simple.

Stop in today to talk to a designer about planning your outdoor oasis, or give us a call at 920.788.6344.


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