Pool Decking in Appleton, WI

Pool Decking in Appleton, Wisconsin

Pool decks are popular to border your swimming pool. A pool deck is virtually a multi-purpose area to use as a patio, unwind and to create a safe slip resistant area around a pool. By adding a pool deck, you add design while keeping functionality, making people feel they are at a resort or their new getaway. It has also been proven that more people spend time soaking up the rays on the pool deck and using furniture than actually swimming in the pool.

With many types of materials to choose from, your options are endless. By using pavers or decorative concrete, there is a broad selection of textures, patterns and colors to fit any theme or style landscape. Acrylic knockdowns are another option if you are looking for low cost while still creating a good slip-resistant texture. Acrylic knockdown is a clear coat that is applied to a surface and is also great at eliminating dirt build-up.

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