Pool Installation in Appleton, WI

in ground pool installation

In-ground fiberglass swimming pools transform a back yard into a family-friendly, relaxing environment. When the convenience of having a pool at home is yours, you’re able to wake up for a brisk morning swim or come home and relax for a late moonlight soak. Vande Hey Company is here to make that an everyday occurrence.

Fiberglass swimming pools from Vande Hey Company can take as little as three to five days to install. Because fiberglass is 17 times more dense than concrete, it has added strength and flexibility. That makes this type of pool great for the freeze and thaw environment of the Upper Midwest. 

Unlike concrete, which can be rough and abrasive, the smooth surface of a fiberglass swimming pool is easy on your feet and hands. Also, our interior pool colors are bold and have UV protection that prevents fading. And because fiberglass is a nonporous material, it is easy to clean, stain resistant, and does not affect water chemistry. This means less chemicals usage, lower cost, and more time to enjoy your swimming pool.

Vande Hey Company carries a wide variety of perimeter tiles and tile inlays. We also provide custom stone, decking, and other materials to go around the pool. Vande Hey specializes in creating unique, one-of-a-kind swimming pool designs.

With many accessories like automatic pool covers and outdoor bars, Vande Hey Company can design a pool space that you and your family can utilize and enjoy throughout the summer months.

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