Pavilion Structures in Northeast Wisconsin

Pavilion Structures in Northeast Wisconsin

If you are looking to extend the use of your patio or outdoor space, a pavilion can provide shade and protection while also allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. Pavilions not only provide instant elegance to your outdoor oasis but also a structural centerpiece and entertainment area.

Vande Hey Company pavilions have numerous customizable options to maximize the function and flow of your dream space. Whether it is attached to the house or standalone, your pavilion can be built with a natural look such as rough sawn cedar, or a more contemporary look featuring stained woods, metal, or composite materials. The roof of your pavilion also comes with multiple options from sleek metal roofs to UV blocking polycarbonate, to shingles that match your home. With various finishes, structural designs, and price points, we can design a space that caters directly to your needs, wants, and budget.

When the pavilion is built, you can complete it with numerous bonus features such as pillar stone that matches your outdoor kitchen or seat wall, fans for airflow and bugs, outdoor furniture, and even layered lighting. Whether you are enjoying a glass of wine, lighting up your grill, or playing cards, your pavilion from Vande Hey Company will provide the perfect space for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy outdoor living together.

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