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Big Trees and Big Statements: The Benefits of Trees

“Trees are exciting! If you want to make a statement in your yard, do you go with a little perennial? No, big tree! BOOM!”

~Corey, Vande Hey Company Horticulturist

When we think about trees at Vande Hey Company, we think about making a statement! Whether it’s fall colors or beautiful spring blooms, trees bring beauty and value to your yard in numerous ways. While it’s commonly understood that trees are good for the environment, the extent of their benefits is much less known! In honor of Arbor Day, this week’s blog post will be highlighting the benefits of trees!

Environmental Benefits

  • Combating Climate Change– Absorbing carbon dioxide, storing the carbon, and releasing oxygen back into the air, trees do some heavy lifting when it comes to helping out mother nature!
  • Cleaning the Air- Reducing the greenhouse effect and filtering toxins, trees absorb many pollutants and help keep our air clean.
  • Keeping Things Cool- Not only do they offer cool looks, but trees literally keep things cool by offering shade and releasing water vapor into the air through their leaves.
  • Preventing Erosion- Trees extensive root systems can help hold soil in place and slow runoff!
  • Supporting Wildlife- Trees provide protection and homes for birds, bees, squirrels and a variety of other species.

Personal Benefits

  • Increasing Curb Appeal- Not only do trees help break up your landscape and provide beauty, they also can increase your property values by as much as 10-15%.
  • Creating Privacy- Trees certainly can be used as privacy barriers between you and your neighbors, but they do more than just prevent nosy neighbors from peering over. Trees also muffle sound and knock down the wind helping you create a beautiful place for quiet relaxation.
  • Providing Oxygen- This one speaks for itself. You need it, trees give it, and there’s not much more to say about that.
  • Saving Money- By simply shading the air conditioner and other parts of the house, strategically placed trees can significantly reduce your air conditioning bill saving you money and conserving energy. The same is true in the winter when cutting down on wind can reduce your heating bill.
  • Good for Kids- Trees reduce UV-B rays by up to 50% protecting kids from harmful exposure. Trees also provide great playmates: climb a tree, hide behind a tree, build a fort with a tree… I may not be a kid, but I can think of a lot of fun ways kids could benefit from trees. Throw in the added bonus that interacting with nature helps reduce mental fatigue and increase concentration and you have a big win.

If you were unconvinced of the awesomeness of trees, hopefully after reading this week’s blog post you have learned a thing or two. If you are totally sold and want to get more trees added to your property, make sure to double check the “Top 5 Questions You Should be Asking Yourself to Create the Backyard of Your Dreams” to make sure you really optimize your new plantings.

Happy Arbor Day, and don’t forget: trees are awesome!