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Cheers to Summer

As we near the changing of the leaves and the school year starts up again to include the crisp bite of a temperature change, we prepare to leave behind a time of warmth, of green grass, and a little bit of fun in the sun.

We choose to celebrate this last little slice of summer with an outdoor experience that will leave you savoring its last farewell.  It’s not too late to put that grill into work, firing up the heat for that juicy burger or tender steak.  Gather friends and family, hit the pool and create a splash of memories.

It’s time for one last round folks.  Get the menu started, and the food on the table.  Round up the patio chairs, grab your glass of wine, and ignite your fire table for an extra sense of warmth when the day dies down into the night.

It’s not too late to enjoy the last bits of the season, to say, “Cheers” and raise a glass. For your next summer needs, let’s get a jump start on projects with stopping in to speak with an expert today.  Visit https://www.vandeheys.com/ to get started.