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Get Outside! 33 Outdoor Activities You Can Do Right Now!

33 ideas for you, your family, and even your kids that will help you get outside, transform your yard, and have fun while doing it!

  1. Create some “Patio Playlists” for your upcoming summer events.
  2. Clean your grill.
  3. Learn about the trees in your backyard. Can you identify them based on the bark? The leaves?
  4. Start slow-growing annuals indoors. PRO TIP: download a light meter app on your phone to ensure your plants will get plenty of sun!
  5. Make a flower press. You can even do this with just cardboard and rubber bands at home. They make beautiful additions to cards, bookmarks, resin paperweights, pictures, and more!
  6. Start your spring cleanup—pick up sticks and leaves, cut back plants, and begin to prepare your beds for spring!
  7. Build a plant inventory list of all the plants in your yard.
  8. Create a plant wish list for plants you want to add this year. Check out our Plant Finder for lots of resources!
  9. Research new grill recipes for your next family cookout.
  10. Research recipes with fresh garden vegetables and herbs to step up your game this summer.
  11. Plant an indoor herb garden.
  12. Begin planting seeds for your vegetable garden indoors.
  13. Build a homemade bird bath.
  14. Enjoy some quality time in your backyard hot tub or learn about the health benefits here.
  15. Prune! The end of the dormant season is the best time to prune almost all trees and shrubs.
  16. Pick out some new houseplants to bring new life to your home.
  17. Take your outdoor furniture out of storage and clean it up.
  18. Start a rock garden with hand-painted rocks.
  19. Start your own DIY landscaping project. Check out our DIY kit here!
  20. Oil up or WD40 your adjustable basketball hoop.
  21. Make a homemade bird feeder.
  22. Go green! Pick out a few pollinator-friendly plants to create a little “buzz” about your landscaping.
  23. Rake your lawn when weather conditions permit
  24. Order a succulent arrangement from Vande Hey Company to bring low-maintenance, sun-loving succulents into your home.
  25. Have a picnic outside when it warms up.
  26. Mulch your yard to freshen it up and prepare ahead of time for your summer events.
  27. For a more detailed list of landscape management things to do check out our March Landscape Management 101 blog post.
  28. Keep an eye out for our April Landscape Management 101 blog post coming soon!
  29. Build and paint fairy houses for your garden.
  30. Get the outdoor firepit going and make s’mores or some other fire treat. PRO TIPs: Try adding peanut butter cups to your s’more or roast Peeps for Easter.
  31. Challenge your family to see who will be the first one in the swimming pool or pond.
  32. Listen to a podcast on gardening or landscaping.
  33. Accessorize your outdoor living space with outdoor furniture, firetables, grills, and more!