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Being Sustainable in Spring

I was born and raised a “plant geek.” Being in the landscaping industry is a special place to be every spring. Now that the snow has almost all thawed and the buds are starting to come out, it’s time to put some green back in the world.  Not only is it the beginning of our busy season, but it reiterates why I’m so proud to be a sustainable guiding force in this industry.

I’ve been here for 21 seasons going back to the late 1990’s and I absolutely love seeing customer’s joy from the plants we put in their yards. Part of what I get to do is make sure that people are happy with what’s going in their yard.  We want to help create something beautiful while keeping the world we live in beautiful too.

Some of the first things we need to do when working with a customer:

  1. Get to know the customer.
  2. Get to know the customer’s site.
  3. Be environmentally conscious.

I would like to reiterate how important it is to be environmentally conscious with the plants you put in your yard. The right plant in the right place will be the most sustainable for the environment.​ It will make care easier for the client and it will also look the best. To me, that’s extremely exciting!

Here are three tips for getting started with sustainable landscaping:

  1. Control the water: think about rainwater harvest systems that can collect rain for future watering.
  2. Retain the erosion: retaining walls can prevent erosion and runoff from storms if designed properly.
  3. Reduce by reusing: think about adding a couple inches of compost under your new layers of mulch.
  4. Think about diversity: If you think about naturally occurring vegetation, it’s incredibly diverse. Diversify your vegetation choice for a more sustainable ecosystem.
  5. Reduce your energy use: If you think through your planting efficiently, proper plant choices can provide more shade during the hot summer months or allow for more winter sunlight – both reducing your energy use in your home.

People are beginning to think about how they can use their landscaping to the benefit of their family as well as to make it sustainable and help out the environment.