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10 DIY Planters: Recycle, Re-purpose, Reuse.

Are you looking for creative ways to bring new life to your yard? Are you looking for a fun DIY project that saves you money? Look no further! Recycling is not just separating some plastic bottles from the rest of your garbage; it’s also about reusing and re-purposing old items! Check out these unique planter ideas and show off your go-green zeal!

Before we jump into the ideas, we want to share a couple of notes. When it comes to plants, you want to be strategic about the plants you choose for your new pots. Because many of these ideas are smaller in size, we recommend succulents! Succulents can thrive in just about any nook or cranny because of their shallow root system. They all bloom, come in different colors and textures, and are easy to propagate. Not to mention the stellar names like tiger jaws, Shrek ears, and baby toes. Choose some tall ones, some hanging ones, and combine them to make a visual masterpiece. Just ensure you add a hole to the bottom of your planter, so the water can drain out.

Now without further ado, here are 10 DIY Planters: Recycle, Re-purpose and Reuse!

#1) Bottles or Tin Cans- It seems like canned goods are making a comeback, so maybe they can come back in your yard, too! Paint them, wrap them in fabric, cluster them together, or even stack them!

2) Pots and Kettles– Grab old scratched up pots that just sit in your drawer, add some paint, drill a hole in the bottom and TA-DA: new planter.

3) Clothing– Hang some old boots on a fence, set them in your garden, or even add a pair of jeans to make these unique “lower-half” planters.

4) Legos– If you are sick of stepping barefoot on those Legos that never seem to make it in the closet, put them to good use! Build a planter of any size and color, and just make sure to skip some holes in the bottom.

From In Habitat

5) Tires– Go BIG with some old tires. Stack them up, paint them, and create a new planter unlike anything in your neighbor’s yard.

From Favim

6) Bikes- Not only do bike wheels make a great trellis for climbing plants, but an old rusty bike can add a nice accent piece to your garden!

7) Broken Pots– Just because a pot is broken doesn’t mean it’s useless. This has got to be one of the coolest ideas we have seen! Just be careful with sharp pieces!

8) Dresser– Looking for a big rustic looking planter? Just slap an old dresser down, cut some holes in the bottom for drainage, and decorate.

9) Sports Equipment-Make a hanging basket with half of a basketball, or use tennis rackets to build a trellis. You can even cut a smaller hole and place a pot in it as a centerpiece item! These make great gifts for sports team banquets!

10) Bird Cages– Not all of us may have one of these laying around, but this is one really unique way to add a hanging accent with some trailing plants!

From Home BNC

While these suggestions are great, don’t be afraid to walk around the house and get creative! Once you have your new planter designed and decorated, we can provide the potting soil and some plants to fill it! Bring it in, show it off, and let us help you create a beautiful arrangement to fill your new planter.

For those of our less crafty friends, we also have our own succulent kits, custom arrangements, and even a full seasonal planter program with Color 365. We would love to help you create new centerpieces and accent containers that add fresh beauty and life to your yard. Call 920-788-6344 today with questions or to begin your journey.

Vande Hey’s Top 8 Garden Trends of 2020

Trendy. Hip. Modern. Everyone has that one friend who always seems to be one step ahead of the game. It’s like they are using iPhones and we are still waiting for our messenger pigeon to return from the ice age. Instead of letting that inward jealousy continue to fester, let’s take a step ahead this year. The roaring ‘20s are back and we want to tell you where all the best (figurative) speakeasies can be found. Prohibition no more, here’s 8 garden trends of 2020 from our team of experts to help you take your outdoor space to the next level.

#1 Eco-Friendly

In 2020, homeowners are looking to give some love back to Mother Nature through environmental sustainability.  More and more people are composting to put valuable nutrients back into the soil while reducing their carbon footprint and waste. This also means people are planting wildlife friendly, au naturel landscapes. Seasonal blooming plants, layering of plant heights, and letting plants grow longer to return to their natural form, all protect wildlife, encourage beneficial insects, and attract pollinators. Perennials such as hollyhock, coral bells, bee balm, summer phlox, and especially berries will be this year’s go-tos.

#2 Technology

Your friends may be using iPhones, but you now have an app for checking your houseplant sunlight and adjusting your grill temperature. Add in some self-watering pots, an outdoor tv, and Wi-Fi controlled irrigation and you are maximizing efficiency, saving water, grilling dinner, and doing it all while watching your favorite sports team on your new outdoor tv. Now who’s the jealous one?

#3 House Plants, Especially Succulents

It’s actually pretty simple; plants make people happy! In 2019, houseplant sales reached record highs with an increase in participation from younger generations. With apartments or smaller spaces, sometimes less expendable income, and longer time periods before marriage, “plant parenting” has provided an opportunity for people to nurture and care for something while connecting with nature. In addition to their trendy looks, house plants can also provide some health benefits such as deterring illnesses and cleaning the air.

This year variegated plants such as snake plants and colorful plants such as crotons are expected to grow in popularity while the general trend pushes for bigger and more exotic houseplants. Succulents also aren’t going away with their low maintenance and variety of appearances. The most popular succulents this year include string of dolphins, the hobbit/shrek ears, baby toes, and little zebras.  Not only does VandeHey Company carry these numerous varieties of house plants and succulents, but we also offer classes to help you learn more while creating beautiful containers.

#4 Foodscaping

We can’t imagine food ever not trending, but more eco-friendly also means more organic and homegrown foods. Herbs, berries, and vegetables are not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely popular when used to complete your meal or drinks. No more messenger pigeons for you—you’re making mojitos with fresh raspberries and mint. Now that’s a statement!

#5 Low Maintenance

Time is money, and people want more leisure time when they return home after a long day’s work. That’s why native plants and dwarf hybrids continue to increase in popularity. Requiring less water, fertilizer, and pruning, these plants not only require less care time, but also are more friendly to the environment. 

#6 Fire and Water

Earth’s elements are making a comeback. Whether it is the calming trickle of a water feature that can also attract birds, or the warmth and light provided by a fire table, these two elements are extremely underrated additions to your outdoor living space. You can even get them together with combined fire and water features. That’s like having the secret knock for the speakeasy. 

#7 Cut Flowers

As the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright said, “now the outside may come inside and the inside may and does go outside.” Not only will the outside be coming in with houseplants, but also with fresh cut flowers. Adorn your dining room table with the most popular Vande Hey flowers such as zinnia, celosia, and aster or novelties such as asclepias physocarpa and scabiosa starflower. Freshen up, brighten up, and loosen up your indoor living space with outdoor living specialties. 

#8 Outdoor Living Spaces

With increased time indoors staring at screens, people are recognizing the need to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Outdoor kitchens, shade structures, and lighting all increase value and usability. Even simple additions such as outdoor furniture provide a space for you, your family, and your friends to step outside and relax.

With no prohibition and these trending ideas, you can let the ‘20s roar right in your backyard! Call or stop by VandeHey Company today to learn how we can make these trends a reality!