Patios and Walkways in Appleton, Wisconsin

Create a stunning backyard escape, a place you can go to get away from the demands of your day, with a Vande Hey Company custom-designed patio or walkway.

Vande Hey architects and designers lead the way in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces by developing patios and walkways that fit your yard and needs. We guarantee it will be a place for you to welcome and enjoy your friends and family for many years to come.

Vande Hey Company takes a unique approach to building a stable, durable patio or walkway. We start with a base twice as deep as other contractors and add an extra layer of gravel to ensure the pavers won’t shift or buckle under harsh winter conditions. Once the pavers have been laid in the pattern of your choosing, we sweep in a polymeric sand to bind the pavers together, adding a level of integrity to your patio or walkway. This technique allows water to run away from the patio and your home and stops shifting that may otherwise occur.

If part of your patio design includes adding a stoop, landing, or steps from your patio doors, we have options. Choose from materials like dimensional stone or quarried, single-piece steps – all of which allow for seamless blending with your retaining walls, patios or seat walls to create one cohesive landscape.

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