Just Relax, and Grill.

“Just relax, and grill”

With the window of Wisconsin outdoor dining finally upon us, Andy Vande Hey, President of the Vande Hey Company, joins us in sharing his passion for outdoor experiences. Andy dishes out what you need for a tasty grilling season of ease, “From how the right space should make you feel to, my excitement for making a recipe taste just that much better.”

Whether you’re a novice or grilling expert, his motto for creating the ultimate dining experience is to “just relax”. There are few simple things you can do to make awesome tasting food, but keeping it healthy and keeping it easy is his way to do it. We’ve outlined the top tips from our expert to help in creating your outdoor dining experience one to remember, and most importantly enjoy.

The Big Green Egg:

One of today’s most popular grills. A kimono style cooking grill made of ceramic that locks in heat and seals in moisture creating the perfect temperature for a variety of food.

From a simple burger, searing a steak or tuna at 700 degrees, pizza, or slow cooking pork, the egg can do it all. No need to worry about complicated operations, at Vande Hey we’ll teach you the simple basic steps when you visit us at the shop or during our Grilling classes.

Eggcessories are a fun way to add depth and variety to your Egg grill. We carry a variety of tools to increase the ease of the grilling experience including a plate set for slow cooking, racks to separate veggies or salmon, a porcelain plate for a smoke variation, and Andy’s favorite the instant-read thermometer. The Eggnighter is the perfect add-on to your grilling experience that’ll have you cooking as fast as a gas grill, just ignite and you’ll be ready to cook in 60 seconds.

At Vande Hey, we’re known for our products for being high quality and of great value, and The Egg is the exact same. It starts with the charcoal, the eggcessories, and quality of the construction of the grill itself, the egg is something you’d be able to pass down to your children if they don’t go out and buy it for themselves!

Come on in to enjoy our grill varieties and we’ll walk you through the simple steps in feasting with each one. Need a little more hands-on experience? Head to our website’s Events page or our Facebook Page where we cook up something special and teach you how to prepare the entire meal from start to finish.